Meditation and Aromatics

    Meditation, contemplation and prayer all have aromatics in one form or another as part of their integral practice. Shamanistic rituals to the religions of the East and West all use aromatics in one form or another. Early methods used a simple bunch of sprigs bound together, dried and burned o produce a scented smoke, more commonly known as a smudge stick. Sage is well known for its cleansing and clearing properties and can be used to cleanse your space before meditation.

    Using essential oils during meditation can increase the practice by -

    Grounding you and promoting a sense of calm.

    Deepening and slowing the breath; helping to focus on the breath.

    Increasing mental clarity and heightening awareness.

    Opening and balancing the chakras.

    Some suggestions

    Grounding oils: Elemi, Vetivert, Sandalwood, Patchouli

    Balancing oils: Lavender, Vetivert,

    Cleansing oils: Juniper, Sage (use with caution)

    Calming Oils: Lavender, Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile

    Spiritual connection: Helichrysum, Frankincense, Neroli

    Chakra oils: Rose (heart), Rosewood (crown), Myrrh (base)

    The most popular way to use essential oils in meditation is by putting a few drops into a diffuser (use before a meditation otherwise the noise will be distracting) or burner. A few drop of the desired oil may be put on a tissue and inhaled prior to meditation.

    Caution: Essential oils can be very powerful and should be used with care. Be careful when offering essential oils for others to try, particularly people who suffer with epilepsy or high blood pressure.

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