Giving Up FB and Bringing the Power Back

    It was with some difficulty I set up my business pages on FB, but thought it was the only way to generate clients in this day and age. I had successfully created and run a holistic therapy school long before the days of social media; so why not make it work again?

    I can no longer support Facebook’s business model by having an account with them. I am concerned about what this social media stands for; it doesn’t sit well ethically and morally for me. Before Facebook, there were ways to do most of the things that Facebook allows, and there still are. There are other ways to keep up with friends, be informed, discover local events, announce your own life events, publish opinions, meet new people, and so on.

    I hope people will still subscribe to my web site, it's still a little rough around the edges, but being a true Aquarian I like to do things 'my way' and work it out for myself!

    So; now I have a task on my hands to create interesting and exciting content to keep you 'Talkers' happy. My web site has the facility to create groups who can chat with each other (just need to test it out!).......... I'm up for the challenge are you?

    Keep talking ...................... Dx