Blending Essential Oils for Everyday

    Make Your Own Reed Diffuser

    There are a lot of commercial diffusers on the market, but they are very expensive if you buy one with good quality oils which are not synthetic. I prefer to recycle my jars and pots and blend my own. Her's a few tips on how to make your own bespoke diffuser.

    Carrier Oils

    The best carrier oils to use for diffusers are lighter in consistency and are able to travel along the reed. I use sweet almond oil (safflower oil is also a good choice). Do not use vegetable oil, it’s too thick and sticky and your diffuser will not emit any aroma.

    Depending on the size of your jar or pot you’ll use different measures of oil for each diffuser. I blend on average 40 drops of essential oil to 100mls of oil. The strength of the oils used and the desired effect can be adjusted to your own preference.

    Sometimes I’ll use a Synergistic blend = top, middle and base note, this will depend on the reason I’m blending.

    Alcohol (Binder)

    To help thin the oils and bind them together add a small amount of alcohol to the mix (about a teaspoon). You want as high a concentration of alcohol as you can get – at least 90%. You can use either perfumer’s alcohol, rubbing alcohol or plain old vodka.

    Rattan Sticks

    You will need rattan reed sticks which contain small channels that help the oil travel up the stick to emit the aroma. They need to be about twice as tall as your jars so they can distribute the aroma well.

    Essential Oils

    Now you can have some fun and create your own blends. Remember, when oils are blended together they become a synergy and the aroma will change. Some favourites of mine are.

    · Patchouli, Cedar and Thyme – grounding, balancing, mood-harmonising.

    · Grapefruit, Bergamot and Rosemary – good for keeping you alert and focused.

    Be creative and experiment but remember if you’re blending for children the percentage of essential oils should be reduced.

    Once you have all your ingredients to hand; measure out the amount of oil you need for the size of your jar, add a teaspoon of alcohol and your essential oil/oils. If you’re making a blend do this first before adding to the oil mix. Using a funnel add to your jar and then insert the reeds and leave for an hour before turning.

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