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My courses are suitable for complete beginners, all fully insurable and accredited by IPHM.


If you are a qualified therapist talk to me about tailoring courses  to take into account prior learning and knowledge.

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The concept of energy channels is the central point around which reflexology is practised. It is based on the premise that vital energy is channelled along the lines of the body throughout. Disease is caused by blockages within these lines. Reflexology concentrates on reflex areas and meridians found on the feet, which is stimulated by specific massage and pressure point technique.

Certificate in Massage Techniques

This course will teach you all you need to know to work as a massage therapist. Using all forms of Swedish Remedial Massage. Anatomy and physiology is to be completed before a certificate will be issued. 
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Aromatherapy Massage

You will study the properties and benefits of essential oils, how to blend for your client and carry out a relaxing massage. A certificate in Massage Techniques is required to take this course.  For more information please get in touch.

Certificate in Essential Oil Theory & Aromatherapy Blending

You will study the properties and benefits of essential oils, how to blend for your client to treat their individual needs. 

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Indian Head Massage

Learn the traditional Indian massage technique known as Champissage. On this Indian Head Massage course, you will learn traditional therapeutic massage techniques that focus on the back, neck, shoulders face and scalp.

An Indian Head Massage offers many benefits one being relieving stress, tension and pain. The massage can aid relaxation and improve hair conditions. Receiving an Indian Head Massage can be relaxing and is known to heal and balance your body.

You will learn

Indian Head Massage Techniques
Anatomy and Physiology

Hopi Ear Candling

Ear candles are an ancient, mild and natural therapy and have been used by the Native American Indian for many years.

Ear candles can help with the treatment of:


  • Sinusitis

  • Rhinitis

  • Earwax

  • Earache and irritation of the ears

  • Headaches and migraines

You will Learn

Thermal auricular therapy techniques

Anatomy & Physiology 



Pressure Point Facial Massage