Certificate in Essential Oil Theory & Aromatherapy Blending

    This is a blended learning course incorporating theory (home study), case studies and practical. Fully accredited and insurable.

    Course Content

    • History of aromatherapy

    • Health & safety - safety data of oils

    • Maintaining hygiene 

    • Characteristics of Notes - Top, Middle & Base

    • Carrier oils

    • Contraindications

    • Blending

    • Skin types

    • Uses of essential oils and blends

    • Aftercare


    Course Dates  -  2 days (optional 3rd add on)

    Day 1 - 

    Investment - £220

    2 days practical training 10:00 - 16:30

    Theory workbook

    Case studies

    Optional Day - £65 (if booked with above)

    Subtle aromatherapy 10:00 - 16:00

    ​Mandatory Oils

    1. Bergamot 

    2. Chamomile Roman

    3. Clary sage

    4. Cypress

    5. Eucalyptus

    6. Frankincense

    7. Geranium

    8. Juniper berry

    9.  Lavender

    10.  Mandarin

    11.  Peppermint

    12.  Petitgrain

    13.  Rosemary

    14.  Sandalwood

    15.  Tea Tree

    16.  Ylang Ylang

    Supplementary Oils

    1. Basil

    2.  Rosewood

    3.  Cedarwood

    4.  Jasmine

    5.  Lemon

    6.  Marjoram

    7.  Myrrh

    8.  Neroli

    9.  Orange sweet

    10.  Patchouli

    11.  Rose Otto

    12.  Sage Dalmatian

    13.  Sweet Fennel

    14.  Thyme – red

    Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Kits

    The small kit contains all the mandatory oils required for completion of this certificate.

    The large kit contains both mandatory oils plus the supplementary oils.

    Small kit - 16 oils, 2 carrier oils, measuring pot.  

    £87.00 incl. VAT

    Large kit 30 oils, (mandatory + supplementary) 6 carrier oils, 2 measuring  pots, stirring rod.

    £175.00 incl. VAT

    All kits are to be purchased prior to the commencement of the course for use on the first practical day.  You are not obliged to buy the kits from me; however you should only buy from a reputable retailer.  The better quality your oils the safer they will be for use on clients.  I trained with Eve Taylor over 15 years ago and know the quality and integrity of her oils.  I personally wouldn't use anything else.

    Optional Day 3

    Subtle aromatherapy

    Using the properties of essential oils to affect the subtle body, the psyche and the soul. Working with the vibrations of essential oils we can promote auric massage, chakra balancing, absent healing, meditation, ritual, personal and spiritual growth.

    This is a fun practical day giving you the opportunity to share your newly acquired knowledge with others and enjoy some subtle aromatherapy!